As a learning community, American School of Bahrain views instructional technology as a catalyst for innovation, learner empowerment and creative collaboration. Digital fluency for students is vital for success in the technologically rich environments of universities and the global workplace.

"We are dedicated to providing instructional support at all levels to guide our students’ learning in classrooms, employing technology tools that enhance learning and encourage collaboration. "

ASB’s campus is equipped with a dynamic, high-speed network for wireless, wired, voice and video communications. Our operational technology systems are managed by an efficient technology team that also provides a valuable helpdesk service for teachers and students.

"All our classrooms are equipped with laptop or desktop computers for teachers, interactive screens, and other technology tools to support learners and educators.  Web-based multimedia tools and publishing environments, dynamic online classroom environments and robust cloud-based storage systems are further embedded within ASB’s technology offering."

We encourage the appropriate integration and use of tablets from Pre-KG to Grade 4, and implement a 1:1 laptop program for students from Grades 5 to 12. Our integrated approach incorporates the use of engineering and design, coding and robotics. 

Technology also plays a key role in teacher-parent communication, allowing parents to use our online portals to follow the progress of their children, promoting home-school partnerships that are crucial to every child’s academic success. 

Our kindergarten student holing a plastic container during art project