Director's Welcome

I am pleased to welcome you to American School of Bahrain (ASB). I am excited and proud to be the Founding Director for the school. I have been a Principal and Head of School for the past 25 years in Canada and Hong Kong and very much look forward to welcoming you to ASB.

Our mission at ASB is “to provide a challenging American and international education that inspires students to pursue their passions, achieve their goals and become responsible global citizens.” As the Director of the school I feel strongly that one of the ways to ensure the success of a school is to focus on the mission in every decision we make. I also believe that for students to be successful academically they need to be engaged, have a strong sense of belonging and feel happy and safe in their school environment. I often speak to parents about the importance of the "smile index." Happy students are much more likely to be successful in everything they do at a school. This applies to students from the Head Start Program (2 years old) through to high school graduation.  

As a community of learners, we work together to prepare young people for tomorrow’s world through a holistic and stimulating curriculum, challenging our students with high expectations, and providing them with exciting and engaging learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. An exceptional education is, at its core, built on relationships.

"At ASB we foster relationships with students, parents and the community in order to create connections and meaningful opportunities for learning."

Collectively we strive to provide an educational environment where each graduating student has developed the skills to think independently, to respect themselves and those around them, to have a passion to make the world a kinder and safer place and to think critically and creatively. We hope that our diverse programs will help them build compassion, resilience and an understanding of their role in a rapidly changing world.

We hope that by browsing through our website you can gain insight into the many opportunities and challenges we offer students, and we would be more than pleased to meet you and tell you more about our school. 

Dave McMaster

Our kindergarten student holing a plastic container during art project