Pathways in Grades 11 & 12

The IB Diploma curriculum is offered at ASB in Grades 11 & 12. Students decide their courses of study in consultation with their parents and our academic team’s recommendations. As such,  ASB offers three distinct routes to graduation:

  1. ASB High School Diploma
  2. ASB High School Diploma  + IB Diploma Courses
  3. ASB High School Diploma + Full IB Diploma 

Route three is the most common route for our students, as the IB Diploma opens the doors to universities across the globe as an internationally recognized curriculum. If you would like more information on our routes to graduation, please contact our MS/HS Principal (Dr. Juan Saavedra,


IB World Schools share a common philosophy- a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education- that we believe is important for our students.

IB programs, taught in more than 4000 schools globally, encourage academic rigor, deep inquiry and relentless curiosity to develop students to be caring, courageous risk takers and critical thinkers. An IB education inspires young people to become lifelong learners, using their energy, conviction and positivity to engage with increasingly complex and interconnected global challenges. It teaches children and students that each one of us is responsible for the rest of us, and this understanding is a necessary basis for progress toward a more just and peaceful world. The IB vision is to foster open and enlightened minds, and the IBO has done this successfully for five decades.

The IB takes a truly holistic approach to education and is the best educational preparation for students who seek to continue their education in colleges and universities around the world. All IB programs are driven by a commitment to multilingualism and international mindedness, and to action through service in the student’s own community and beyond. The IB encourages the curiosity inherent in every child, developing a love of learning, an attitude of constant questioning and a hunger for knowledge and understanding.

For further information about the IB and its programs, visit the IB  website or contact our IB Diploma Coordinator (Ms. Radia Ali,