ASB%22s elementary student waiting for the cue to star swimming.
ASB's elementary student all gear up for swimming class.

Our goal at ASB is to provide our students with a solid foundation of skill development and an understanding of the benefit and value of having an active and healthy lifestyle at every age, including its vital contribution to an individual’s happiness.

By exposing our students to a variety of physical activities from organized games to a range of sports, we help students increase their confidence and self-esteem, while learning the values of good sportsmanship, positive attitude, time management and healthy competition.

Our campus includes several playgrounds for Elementary, Middle and High School students with age appropriate equipment.

With our regulation-sized soccer field and surrounding track, indoor gymnasium, and swimming pool, students have the opportunity to learn and train on state of the art equipment and to play a variety of sports ranging from basketball, volleyball and badminton to soccer and swimming.