Extra Curricular Activities


Student coloring a pie chart

The richness of the ASB curriculum is complemented by the wide array of activities that is offered after school hours, allowing students to extend their learning and broaden their interests.




The Competitive Sports and Activities Program

The sports and activities program at ASB is aligned with the mission and vision and provides a multitude of opportunities to students in all grades throughout the academic year. The students’ participation is strongly encouraged as we firmly believe our activities program is the second half of education. We recognize that there are many learning opportunities associated with a child’s participation in our activities program at ASB. The activities program is in addition to the educational program and all students are given opportunities to participate in a range of fun and interesting activities that encourage them to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

More Extra Curricular Activities (ECA's)

We offer activities to all ASB students from Kindergarten to Grade 11. Participation is optional; however, it is strongly encouraged. All of our activities fall in four categories: Leadership, Creativity, Academics, and Wellbeing. Most of our activities are free of charge for ASB students, but we do have some outside providers come into the school and offer activities at a cost. This is only done when we are not able to offer them internally.  

Our ECA's change every year. Please contact our ECA's team for more information on or call +973 1721 1800.
1.Gardening Club
2.Debate Club
3.ASB Jr Singers
4.ASB Sr Singers
5.Directive Drawing
6.Art Club
7.An Hour of Zen
8.Band Club
9.Environmental Club
10.Student Council
11.Table Tennis
13.Winners Football Club
14. Drama Classes
15. Science Club
16. Beach Culture "Water Fitness and Environment
17. LAMDA Acting and Public Speaking
18. Yoga
19. Arabic Speech
20. Pop/Rock Band