Performing Arts


Students with their wind instruments during music class.
Mr. Scot Rogal, ASB's Music & Band Teacher playing a saxophone

At ASB, we value the performing arts as an integral component of a well-rounded academic program which benefits a child’s overall development. Apart from the content knowledge students gain through the performing arts, participation builds confidence and social skills, and fosters essential skills of presentation and performance.

Our Performing Arts Department provides opportunities for students to explore their potential for personal expression and growth through music, theater, and dance, instilling the important educational values of:

  • Craft and discipline
  • Teamwork and mutual support
  • Individuality and self-discovery

We consider it our mission to help students to:

  • Take responsibility for and become engaged with their work.
  • Develop a sense of trust in themselves and each other
  • Learn from their mistakes
  • Learn the importance of preparation and repetition
  • Learn to concentrate in performance

We seek to achieve these ends by creating a safe environment for risk-taking, promoting understanding of commitment and responsibility to the group, setting high standards for performance, allowing creativity to grow both from imitation and from within, and instilling a sense of fun and play.

Like our sister schools in the Esol Education family, ASB’s Performing Arts Department aims to establish a legacy of school musicals and performances that allow students to exercise their performance skills, work across disciplines, and bring to life a whole school production, from poster design to ticket sales.