Experience ASB

Every student at ASB is greeted with a smile. Our commitment is to educate the whole child, and we recognize that the academic and emotional growth of each student is dependent on their happiness and confidence. In keeping with this approach, we take the pastoral care of students seriously. The adults at ASB are wholly attuned to the wellbeing of our students, and we work in partnership with parents to ensure a positive educational experience. As you walk through the hallways and classrooms at ASB you will feel the warmth and energy that is pervasive throughout the campus. We pride ourselves on keeping the smile factor high so that every child feels a sense of belonging in a safe and welcoming environment.



When our early childhood and elementary students arrive at school we want them to be happy, engaged, and eager to interact with friends and teachers from around the world. They will have ample opportunities to develop an understanding of essential concepts, skills, knowledge and attitudes at an age appropriate level. From a very early age we want them to develop confidence in their abilities, learn to think independently, question, express their opinions and respect the opinions of others. We place emphasis on the development of the whole child in all areas of learning and we support and nurture students in their social and emotional development as well as in their creative, linguistic, sporting and academic programs. Students will be actively involved in authentic learning across all curriculum areas reflecting on their learning and becoming critical thinkers who develop an ability to take action where required.



The middle school years are a time when students are transitioning from children to their adolescent years. It is both an exciting and challenging time for students and the adults in their lives and a time for increased independence in learning. We provide a challenging and creative program to meet the demands of high school while continuing to inspire a love of learning. Our programs provide a framework that encourages students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world, and to become critical and reflective thinkers. The middle years is a time when adolescents begin to formalize their opinions and thoughts about their education. They are exploring who they are and where they fit into the grand scheme of things. They yearn for an increased level of independence in their decision making which requires us, as educators and parents, to guide them along this journey with patience, understanding and sometimes, a sense of humour.



Education is more than the accumulation of knowledge, and at ASB learning is a process of discovery and transformation through pursuing individual passions and encountering new ways of viewing the world. Our academic programs provide rigor and challenge as well as depth, breadth and variety across all disciplines. Our aim is to fully prepare our students for higher education and life after high school so that they can attend leading universities in Bahrain and around the world. Students will have choices in an array of academic areas as well as the arts, sports, and a wide variety of extra curricular offerings that provide them with enriching experiences and opportunities. All of our high school programs are designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical wellbeing of students. Although the academic rigor increases for students as they make their journey through high school, we provide a warm, inviting environment and a pastoral program to allow students to balance their lives and continue their love of learning.

High School students are engaged in focused activity, honing skills to serve them throughout life. They grapple with moral questions through English, history, Islamic religon courses. They embody a playwright’s idea by acting it out. They understand technology by writing code. They converse in Spanish or French. High School students engage in music and the arts, volunteer work, varsity sports, and preparation for college admissions. They publish. They plan and present. They share who they are becoming with the world. It is a very full life, yet marked all the while with moments of peaceful, reflective insight. What better way is there to prepare for what comes next?


Kindergarten student counting down during their play session.