COVID-19 Updates


Student pouring in liquid to measure during science class.
Following the recent updates from the Ministry of Education and under the guidance of the Ministry of Health in Bahrain, we are excited to announce that our campus is open for face-to-face learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents the most serious public health crisis the world has experienced in generations. Looking forward to the 2020-21 school year and beyond, American School of Bahrain is dedicated to operating in the safest way possible because we believe doing so is in the best interest of our students. American School of Bahrain (ASB) must be able to respond quickly to challenges in our school community as well as to the conditions in Bahrain. The importance of mitigating risk through precautions involving social responsibilities, preventative hygiene, facility cleaning and physical distancing will be the cornerstone of our planning.

The ASB Back to School Plan

We opened our doors on September 13, 2020, with 100% of our students attending classes on campus. ASB has developed a plan to keep our students and staff safe and healthy by implementing COVID-19 health and safety measures. This plan follows the advice of the Bahrain National Medical Task Force with reference to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

American School of Bahrain believes a regular school environment is best for students, and distance learning is necessary only when health and safety conditions leave no other option. ASB is dedicated to provide students with opportunities to learn in face-to-face environments. If future conditions demand that we need to close our campus, then we will continue to support students through a robust distance learning program.

For ASB to be a thriving community, all members of our school community need to pledge their commitment to value everyone’s health and safety. Our commitment to this goal means that all members of our school community must value and care for each other. It is only by working together as a team, we can keep our ASB family safe. All ASB students, staff and parents are expected to adhere to the following:
1. To comply with and respect rules and policies designed to keep our school community safe and healthy.
2. To be considerate of others, appreciating that their risk tolerance might be lower than yours.
3. To adjust your behaviour with sensitivity and respect.
4. To trust that we all have a responsibility to provide open and honest
5. To practice preventative hygiene at home and school.
6. To be kind and patient; we are all in this together.

American School of Bahrain would like to thank, in advance, our students for their resilience and adaptability; our families for their support, patience, and understanding; and our staff for their courage, professionalism, and dedication. The 2020-21 school year is an especially challenging one for all of us, but we believe we can overcome these challenges by working together.

Campus COVID-19 Health & Safety Precautions

We have developed a slide presentation of ASB Health and Safety Protocols which apply to all members of the ASB school community. This includes all students, parents, staff members, and all other personnel employed by ASB while on campus. 

These protocols follow the advice of the Bahrain National Medical Task Force with reference to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO). 


Infectious disease experts have promoted social distancing as an essential strategy in the containment of COVID-19. The world has learned that COVID-19 is menacing and highly contagious. It poses a risk not only to students, but to the adults in their lives, including parents, teachers, grandparents, coaches, and many others. Social distancing is an important safety measure for ASB students when on campus. ASB provides space in the facility to distance our students and staff. The building is designed for 1,200 students and we have a population of approximately 150 students when we open in September. All members of the school community will be required to follow the school’s procedures and protocols.

Key Information

We need all members of our community to accept new responsibilities within this changed environment we will experience over the next year. Acting with self-awareness and sensitivity to others will be key. We must learn to recognize that changes must be embraced and supported with enthusiasm. When your child expresses frustration with rules that limit their social interactions, express your understanding, but discourage their cynicism and remind them the measures are in place to keep everyone safe. When your child has a cough or fever and complains of not feeling well, please keep them home until they are asymptomatic.
A collective and unified effort has never been more important as it is today. We are confident that the American School of Bahrain community will find a positive way to start our inaugural school year successfully while facing our challenges with determination as we embark together on our journey of educational excellence.