“America’s Favorite Teacher” Comes To Bahrain
Bahrain, Nov 2021 – American School of Bahrain (ASB) was pleased to have Stephen Ritz at the school campus for one week where he offered ASB students an inspiring learning experience.  Stephen is an author, educator, innovator, and urban-farming advocate. He is the founder of the education non-profit “Green Bronx Machine”, a Global Teacher Prize finalist, and renowned as “America’s Favorite Teacher.” 

Stephen used his years of classroom experience to mentor, advise and inspire ASB students to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle with a farm-to-table approach. Stephen also helped ASB students learn about the urgent global food security issues and the need to support local farming, as well as connect with worldwide movements. 
During Stephen’s visit, ASB students explored urban farming methods including vertical farming, hydroponics, aquaponics, and rooftop planting. He also taught ASB students about natural compost and compost bins and took the students on a trip to Peninsula Farms, one of Bahrain's largest growers of high-quality local produce.



“It was an honor and privilege to join the families and staff of the American School of Bahrain to inspire healthy living and learning all across the region. Esol Education has built a state of the art, best-in-class facility that has set a new bar for excellence and achievement across Bahrain. With collaborations with local, game changing businesses and innovators such as Peninsula Farms, American School of Bahrain is leading the way for 21st learning opportunities in the Kingdom. Building on its recent strategic partnership with The American University of Bahrain, Esol Education continues to be at the forefront of learning by merging academic, health, wellness, and social-emotional needs of children to ensure outcomes for a better, brighter world. I want to personally thank ASB staff, the families, the students, Director Dave McMaster, and Esol Chairman and Superintendent Walid Abushakra for their hospitality, vision, and commitment to excellence. From the Bronx to Bahrain, the energy, excitement, and expertise at ASB is 100% awesome-sauce!” said Stephen Ritz during his visit to American School of Bahrain. 
Ritz held many engaging sessions inside the school’s classrooms and gave seminars during the school morning assemblies. During his visit, he demonstrated healthy cooking and made a healthy salad together with the students. 
“American School of Bahrain has enjoyed working with Stephen Ritz to establish sustainably focused educational initiatives, as well as health, wellness and learning initiatives for our school,” said Dave McMaster, ASB’s Founding Director. “Stephen is a dynamic speaker and an inspirational champion of sustainability. We are excited to offer this curriculum to our students to impart the wisdom of living sustainably.”
Ritz’s curriculum has been featured in classrooms worldwide from Colombia to Dubai, Canada to Cairo, and beyond. He brought his inspirational curriculum to ASB with exciting events to engage students and introduce an experimental Urban Gardening concept including vertical gardens (Tower Gardens) and rooftops gardens.