ASB at the World Scholar's Cup

Our World Scholar's Cup team arrived back safely in Bahrain and all students are back in school. Eleven students along with coach Caroline Oversier and chaperone Mr. Steve had a life changing trip where they participated in all the WSC events at Yale University. The competition was intense, tiring and wonderful all at the same time. The students were hugely successful bringing back many silver and gold medals and trophies. They also spent a day in Boston seeing the sights including a visit to Harvard University and MIT. The WSC team were outstanding ambassadors for ASB and for Bahrain and we are proud of every one of them. A huge thanks to Mr. Steve for spending 24 hours a day for 10 days supervising the students. He said it was an absolute pleasure and can’t thank the students enough for making it an incredible experience for him as well. Lastly, a huge thank you to ASB parent Caroline Oversier who spent hundreds of hours with the students over the past eight months preparing them for the regional WSC and the world championships. We couldn’t have done it without her, and we owe her a debt of gratitude.

We would like to recognize these young adults who have been wonderful ambassadors for ASB. We’re so proud of their achievements, their outstanding behavior, their camaraderie with their teammates and their ability to inspire and befriend other students from all over the world. It was so much more than the medals. These young adults have learned about a wide variety of academia, about themselves and about perseverance and resilience. We truly believe they have all matured and become more focused on their future goals. 

Junior Individual Debates
Tala and Clara - Silver
Anna - Gold

Senior Individual Debates
Mita, Justin, Jenan, Cristina – Silver

Yousif BSB hybrid team - Silver
Jamie - Gold

Scholars Bowl
Tala, Clara & Anna -  Silver
Lily, Mita & Liza - Silver
Justin, Jamie & Cristina - Silver
Yousif BSB Hybrid team - Gold

Tala - Silver medal
Clara - Silver medal
Cristina - Silver medal
Mita - Silver medal
Justin - Silver medal

Challenge Subjects
Cristina Social Studies - Silver
Mita Special Area - Silver
Justin Science - Silver

Team Debate
Tala, Clara & Anna - Gold
Justin, Jamie & Cristina - Silver
Yousif BSB hybrid team - Gold

Team Writing
Yousif BSB hybrid team – Silver

Top teams of the region
Yousif BSB hybrid teams

Top Team Overall
Yousif BSB hybrid - Silver